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We are

The most comprehensive football Academy

Della Torre Football Academy has five youth teams which include; Under 10, Under 12, Under 13, Under 14, Under15 and Under 17

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Kasaala centre, Luwero
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We groom and develop talent

DTFA is immensely proud to be seen as part of the local community and recognizes it can play a part in improving lives of the people associated with the academy and of a wider community through continued support of local schools as well as local and national voluntary.


Della Torre Football academy organizes and participates in different football competition, We have a holiday package for students in boarding schools and a regular package for day students.


The Academy is structured model reflects a school of football. We develop a recruitment program that will attract the best young players by demonstrating a commitment to quality and caring environment.


We conduct try outs for the Under 15 and 17s for new recruits with a clear path way to a professional set up after graduating.


Board & Executives

Core values

Values that institute our Mission

Della Torre Football Academy is a youth development trailblazer, offering dynamic world leading sports program and providing, academic, nutritional, medical and social support.

The quality or state of being complete or undivided : COMPLETENESS
Expressions of high or special regard to the discipline of football
The quality or state of being responsible is at the core of our trainings.
Respect for one's opponent, and graciousness in winning or losing)
Risk Management
The identification, evaluation, and prioritization of risks by a dedicated team of staff.
Servant Leadership
One that performs duties with all his abilities for a specific goal.

Trusted By all parents and Guardians in the country

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